Dear Friends: 

I am excited to share our 2019 Impact Report, a reflection on a year in which Civic Consulting Alliance responded to a wide range of opportunities to impact the issues we believe matter most to the Chicago region: Economic Vitality; Education; and Public Safety and Criminal Justice.

Our mission is to make the Chicago region a great place for everyone to live in and work.

Since our founding in 1985, Civic Consulting Alliance has pursued this mission by supporting public sector leaders who are driving large-scale change in our most important local government institutions. Over the past year, we worked with diverse leaders from the City of Chicago (including Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Police Department, and the Office of the Mayor) and Cook County (the Assessor’s Office, Board President, Public Defender, State's Attorney, Sheriff's Office, Chief Judge, and Clerk of the Circuit Court).

At the same time, today’s barriers to opportunity are often more complex than any single institution – or even sector – can solve. Overcoming these barriers requires a new, more inclusive approach to civic leadership. Thus, our work over the past year also included collaboration with and support of private sector leaders – including foundation presidents, community organizations, faith-based leaders and healthcare CEOs.

Together, we work to make our region a great place for everyone through cross-sector collaboration, such as the Partnership for Safe and Peaceful Communities, West Side United, and the Violence Reduction Working Group.

I would be remiss to close without mentioning Chicago’s 2019 Mayoral transition, which presented a unique opportunity to realize the value of Civic Consulting Alliance’s model – our ability to be responsive to our city’s needs as they arise, and to leverage the specialized expertise of our partner network to tackle the biggest challenges. We’re grateful to have played a part – alongside more than 400 community members, nearly twenty partners, and the new administration – in this pivotal moment in Chicago’s history.

I hope you will read on to learn more about the incredible work of our staff, our partners, and our clients in the past year, and that you will be inspired to join us in addressing the biggest challenges and opportunities in our region.



Brian Fabes, Chief Executive Officer
Civic Consulting Alliance


Since 2006, Civic Consulting Alliance and our partners have collaboratively invested more than $175 million to get big things done for Chicago. We engage diverse people and resources to generate solutions and create a more prosperous, equitable city. We achieve impact in three key platforms – growing an economy that works for everyone, building safer communities, and elevating our education system.


Economic Vitality

Chicago continues to have one of the world’s largest and most diversified economies, with over four million employees and a regional GDP greater than $500 billion. At the same time, many residents lack access to economic opportunities. Indeed, Chicago has the 18th highest income inequality ratio in the country, and this inequity is highly stratified by race and neighborhood.

Our vision is an economy that works for everyone.

 Specifically, we support:

  • Inclusive regional economic growth;

  • Individual opportunity and prosperity; and

  • Equity across communities.

Key Projects

  • West Side United

  • Cook County Assessor’s Office Transformation

Since I took office, Civic Consulting Alliance has been instrumental in implementing my vision for reform of the Cook County assessment system, guided by principles of fairness, transparency, and ethics.
— Fritz Kaegi, Assessor, Cook County

2019 Economic Vitality Snapshot


Public Safety & Criminal Justice

Chicago is in the midst of a dual crisis of gun violence and police legitimacy. In 2016, after a decade of progress reducing gun violence, the city experienced a dramatic rise in shootings and homicides. While these rates have declined in the years since, Chicago’s level of gun violence remains unacceptable.

Our vision is a city where everyone – residents and police – is safe and justice is exercised consistently across all communities.

Specifically, we facilitate reforms to ensure:

  •  Violent crime reduction;

  • Fair application of justice; and

  • Restored trust in law enforcement.

The Consent Decree is an important roadmap to the goal of building trust between law enforcement and communities, and COPA has made great progress towards this goal because of Civic Consulting Alliance’s critical support.
— Sydney Roberts, Chief Administrator, Civilian Office of Police Accountability


Civilian Office of Police Accountability, Chicago Police Department, Partnership for Safe and Peaceful Communities, and Cook County Pretrial Stakeholders’ Group


2019 Public Safety & Criminal Justice Snapshot

Chicago’s pre-K landscape is complex and involves many different stakeholders. Civic Consulting Alliance has been an essential partner in Chicago’s collaborative effort to help families enroll in pre-K and to expand access to early childhood education.
— Sybil Madison, Deputy Mayor of Education and Human Services for the City of Chicago


Chicago’s future is inextricably linked to our education system. Quality education strengthens families and communities, intellectually enriches our city, and bolsters our economy. Still, from early childhood education, to K-12, to higher education, many of our city’s youth face barriers to accessing the quality education all children deserve.

Our vision is an education system that provides equitable access to opportunity for all Chicago students and prepares them for lifelong success.

Specifically, we are creating an education system that provides:

  • High-quality learning for all ages;

  • Meaningful and responsive career pathways; and

  • A system of supports for the whole student.


  • Chicago Public Schools Options Schools

  • Universal Pre-K for Chicago

2019 Education Snapshot


Opportunistic Investments

Given our flexible, collaborative model, Civic Consulting Alliance is uniquely positioned to capture unanticipated opportunities and address urgent challenges that advance our mission. Chicago’s 2019 Mayoral transition was one such opportunity, as it was the first time a new Mayor would have just seven weeks to prepare to lead the City following the runoff election.


Key Project

Chicago Mayoral Transition Acceleration


2019 Opportunistic Investments Snapshot